About Us

Mi Hermano Jose Chorizo was founded in 2006 by Joe Ruiz Jr. with a complaint from a family member who suggested there is no quality chorizo in the market place.

“Does not matter which chorizo I purchase I end up with a little pile of meat and a bunch of red or orange goo.” With that being said, I began the arduous task of creating a spice blend and resourcing a quality but yet affordable raw material to create a high quality high yield chorizo.  With over 30 years of food sales and marketing experience, working in my uncles small neighborhood grocery store cutting meat making sausage and spending so much time with my mother, (who was mentored from my grandmother) learning to prepare Mexican food dishes gave me the inspiration to manufacture my chorizo.


I started with an old EZ CUT grinder given to me by my grandfather and began to use herbs and spices with whole muscle meats to make my chorizo.  Friends and family became my test subjects to qualify my chorizo.  After six months of tweaking the spice blend friends and family suggested it was the best chorizo they have eaten. I have since placed my product with a number of local grocery stores and have received praise from members of the culinary community; Chefs, Restaurant Owners, Kitchen Managers,  Procurement Specialists, Department Managers, and more.


Experience what may be the finest quality Mexican style chorizo for you to prepare.